Discover Peru on the Willka T’ika Lucuma Retreat - September 21-30, 2023

This incredible yoga/hiking adventure to the fabulous Willka T’ika Retreat Center in Peru is sponsored by Sabre Page, yoga instructor extraordinaire from Freedom Yoga Retreats. Yoga and travel are just a few of her talents. I am on this trip helping her and soaking in new and old friendship in Peru. Here is a brief overview.

Brief Overview

Our package, the Lucuma Retreat, offers so much. Besides the lovely LUXURY rooms, the delicious local, organic food, and of course, yoga, we’ll have the opportunity to explore the city of Cusco, hike at Machu Picchu, participate in a fire ceremony with a shaman, and so much more. This will be the longest retreat I’ve offered. Because of the location, I want us all to have a chance to acclimate and have plenty of time for cultural experiences in beautiful and sacred places. We’ll even get to visit and participate in an interactive activity at Quechua mountain school in the Sacred Valley to support the joyous children of this isolated community.
We’ll visit communities and markets, have two days at the famous Machu Picchu, plus hiking trails right at Willka T’ika. There, we’ll also have spa treatments available, like massage and soothing solar baths with salts and herbal essences for post hiking recovery.

Day-By-Day Details of Peru Trip