Tony Vacca Testimonial

"Well first of all, Dee Dice can think inside the box, outside the box, and even when there is no box in sight. She’s got the kind of creative business mind that could quickly grasp the constellation of challenges I was trying to solve, and then make the suggestions that became solutions.

I’m a free-lance musician, simultaneously creating new music, new remote and in-person school programs,
and performing in concerts and festivals wherever they take me.

Photo of Tony Vacca playing percussion

Working with Dee helped me to:

  • organize a think-tank meeting of my business team,
  • rethink how to increase my on-line presence, 
  • better identify and reach my audience, 
  • increase sales of my recordings, 
  • use my music videos to expand my fan base and attract investors, 
  • identify grant sources for the international collaborations that are the signature of my work,
  • outline a comprehensive, practical and sustainable pathway forward

That pretty much covers why I appreciate her extraordinary set of skills, and why I think she can be helpful to just about any business."