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You need a sponsor for this grant, and we are super excited to have done the training and be a sponsor helping businesses get access to Massachusetts Growth Capital Corporation’s Empower Digital grant. Under this grant, businesses who meet certain eligibility requirements can get up to $5,000 in tools to help grow their business!  Contact us at for free assistance in applying for this grant!

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MGCC's Biz-M-Power Grant

Imagine Up to $40,000 for your business!

A matching crowdfunding grant that can provide up to $40,000 for capital expenses for your business!  If your business needs support for a lease, leasehold improvements, or the purchase of equipment, the Massachusetts Growth Capital Corporation’s Biz-M-Power crowdsourcing grant may be a good fit for you. If you have a strong social network and would like us to sponsor your business under this program, contact us at for free assistance in applying for this grant!


We offer a variety of services to our clients. We enjoy helping small business owners who feel overworked and overwhelmed with the challenges of “doing it all” in their business.

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Business Consulting

Free Initial Consultation

Project Management

Customized Consulting

New Product Launch

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Marketing & Sales Strategies

Creation of a Marketing Plan

Website and Digital Analysis

Creating Content

Jump Start Your Marketing

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Project Management

Creating Vision

Feasibility and Finances

Organizational Structures

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Available presentations

Customized workshops

Accountability Groups

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Business Consulting Projects

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CISA - Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture

We consulted on several short-term projects, each with a different focus.

For more details, view on Portfolio Page


Level Acres Farm

Soup to nuts, or produce to plants, we did a complete business assessment for Level Acres.

For more details, view on Portfolio Page

Wilder Hill Gardens

This creative and talented client asked for focus, direction and marketing help. We did it all and more.

For more details, view on Portfolio Page

World Rhythms - Tony Vacca

"Well first of all, Dee Dice can think inside the box, outside the box, and even when there is no box in sight.

For more details, view on Portfolio Page


African Artist’s Community Development Project

Starting their email newsletter was just the first project.

For more details, view on Portfolio Page

Hadley Garden Center

Highlighting their 50th anniversary, was the beginning of several creative projects with this successful garden center.

For more details, view on Portfolio Page


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Sample Newsletters

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Wilder Hill Gardens

  • New profit centers within the business are announced with ease
  • Ripe fruit, flowering plants and other timely products are easy to push out
  • Linking video creates an engaging feel

Hadley Garden Center

  • Professional photos sparks their use on the front of the newsletter template
  • A series of regular plant features, gives the client timely predictable information
  • A monthly “To Do” category is welcomed by readers
  • A note from the owners keeps that personal appeal

Level Acre Farms

  • New customers can add themselves to the newsletter from an on-site tablet
  • Newsletter focus changes, as their season switches from plants to produce
  • Trained current staff to build and create their on-going newsletters
  • Newsletter mimics the website for continuity of branding
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What our clients are saying about us

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Lilian Jackman Wilder Hill Gardens

What a pleasure and a surprise to work with Dee Dice as a consultant; someone so competent and generous with their considerable experience in the field of horticulture, retail and landscape design. My business of 25 years, Wilder Hill Gardens was growing and at a vital turning point. Dee worked with me to  access my skills and assets, and how to reimagine them working together to create the future I imagined. Not only that, Dee regularly generated clever new ideas that worked!  She is practical and original in her thinking, Dee even took me to a trade show and introduced me to many of her colleagues and suppliers. I felt energized and prepared to shape the future of my nursery, in a way that reflects my changing needs, as well as market realities.

Karen Stanley Education and Outreach Administrator at Polly Hill Arboretum

Through my experience working with and for Dee, as an employee, as a partner, and as a fellow volunteer for Big Brothers Big Sisters, I always found her to be organized, creative, and persistent in accomplishing her goals.

This is especially evident through her success in running her long-time business, Eden Market and Garden Center, on Martha’s Vineyard. Throughout her almost 30 years in business Dee tirelessly ran the store; keeping things innovative, fresh, and inviting. She was not afraid to try something new, and if it didn’t work out she learned from the experience and moved forward. This is how her store evolved.

Julia Mintz New Moon Productions

As an independent filmmaker I loved working with Dee  -  She has an expertise in how small businesses operate, and with that in hand it always seems that Dee has an intuitive sense of how to help facilitate our company's growth and build toward our future goals.  I appreciate her depth of knowledge, ability to clearly articulate and collaborate strategically, while maintaining her sensitivity and creativity in problem solving. Dee makes working with a business consultant a pleasure, and I highly recommend her.

Jan Burhman Kitchen Porch Martha’s Vineyard

I would highly recommend Dee Dice. I was delighted to reconnect with her a year ago as a business consultant after knowing her as a friend 20 years ago.
We have been working together since March 2019.
Dee is professional, thoughtful and expedites what needs to be done in a timely manner.
She has been a great person to work with in selling my business.
She is pleasant and knows the challenges of small businesses.

Joanne Campbell Former Executive Director, Valley Community Development

Dee did a terrific job in her position as Small Business Coordinator at Valley Community Development and was an asset to our organization. She has excellent written and verbal communication skills, is extremely organized, can work independently, has competent computer skills/literacy, and is able to effectively multi-task to ensure that all activities/projects are completed in a timely manner. She was always willing to offer her assistance and had an excellent rapport with consumers, peers, co-workers, board members, other professional organizations, and with me as her supervisor. Dee’s networking skills are exceptional and highly effective. I wholeheartedly recommend her for any endeavor she chooses to pursue.

Peter Jessop Former Owner of Integrity Development and Construction, Inc. Valley Community Development Board President and Interim Director

Dee Dice saved the small business program at Valley Community Development, after a series of staffing issues stalled us from moving forward. She organized and executed a 1.5 M grants program in an efficient and professional manor, unflinchingly as both program and staffing changed repeatedly. Her final reports were clear, concise and detailed and her relationship with both staff and grant supervisors were consistently cheerful, positive and responsive. Dee delivered this program on time and on budget. I appreciate her dedication and loyalty to Valley Community Development and her flexibility and professionalism against many odds in delivering this program.

Jason Pinto Owner, Level Acres Farm

So many things you worked on with me have made a positive impact on my business - too many to name. Thanks for your help, advice, and willingness to share your business experiences with me.

About Us

Constant Growth Marketing & Consulting

Constant Growth Marketing and Consulting started when I became a Certified Constant Contact Partner and began helping clients with their email marketing. I found they needed more – in all areas. My experience as a serial entrepreneur and small business owner ( I owned a garden center for 25 years and started 5 other businesses during that time) helped me evaluate small businesses, identify areas of improvement, highlight new products or services and create an action plan for efficiency and profitability. As the Small Business Director at Valley Community Development for 4 years, I continued to see and experience business owners who were needing help, which propelled me to offer this kind of service as a consultant.

Garden scene with garden shed, archway, and numerous shrubs and flowering plantsCurrently for women and minorities, I offer free consulting services through Small Business Strong.

I enjoy helping small business owners who feel overworked and overwhelmed with the challenges of “doing it all” in your business. Through assessment, strategic planning and implementation, I can help you  work smarter, not harder. Most of my life I have been a business owner and trust me - I have been through many of the issues you are  struggling with. Let's work on finding balance, achieving your personal goals, making  a profit and making a difference. 

In addition to business consulting, I offer top-notch marketing solutions. As marketing is my passion, I enjoy promoting what businesses do best.  My goal: to help business owners create a user-friendly, profitable marketing plan. As every business is unique, I routinely customize a range of services to meet individual needs. Let me –step by tailored step – turn your straw to gold!

Dee A. Dice

As a student at the University of Connecticut, I studied Nutrition and Marketing, but I also started several small businesses. These included a cross-country ski rental business, an importing business from South America and food production business on Martha’s Vineyard.

Photo of Dee Dice, consultant

I then took a larger leap and started a wholesale food business focused on the growing, production and purchasing of food products to sell at natural food stores, supermarket chains and wholesale food chains. I was proud to have Stop & Shop, Waldbaum’s Food Mart, IGA Stores, Stew Leonards, and Shop Rite, as some of my clients.

After the sale of that business, I moved to beautiful Martha’s Vineyard. Once there, I saw a need for local produce; this, along with my need to be outdoors, spurred me to start my fruit and produce market, Eden. The produce customers, however, unexpectedly kept asking to buy the decorative hanging baskets.  “Hmmm, maybe I should try to sell some plants?” The rest is history, as I quickly fell in love with the plant and garden center aspect of my business for the next 25 years.

As my passion for plants grew, so did my business acumen.  Soon, I added a landscape division, a water garden department, a holiday shop with a catalog, a commercial kitchen offering catering and producing additional products for Eden, a floral business specializing in weddings and a fruit and gift baskets business.

During this time period, I found I could help other businesses grow and achieve the same success that I’d achieved.  In 2010, I sold my business, moved to Western Mass, and have since launched a successful consulting business, Constant Growth. I offer an array of services; these range from one-on-one consulting sessions to workshop presentations, website and marketing  analysis, business planning and anything else a business might need. All of these are founded on bedrock experience. As I grow and learn, I am happiest in sharing the information that I have gained with others.

Please contact me if you’d like to see my resume  or just to have a preliminary talk about your business.

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Contact Us for A Free Consultation

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