Organized, creative, and persistent

Through my experience working with and for Dee, as an employee, as a partner, and as a fellow volunteer for Big Brothers Big Sisters, I always found her to be organized, creative, and persistent in accomplishing her goals.

This is especially evident through her success in running her long-time business, Eden Market and Garden Center, on Martha’s Vineyard. Throughout her almost 30 years in business Dee tirelessly ran the store; keeping things innovative, fresh, and inviting. She was not afraid to try something new, and if it didn’t work out she learned from the experience and moved forward. This is how her store evolved.

What a pleasure…

What a pleasure and a surprise to work with Dee Dice as a consultant; someone so competent and generous with their considerable experience in the field of horticulture, retail and landscape design. My business of 25 years, Wilder Hill Gardens was growing and at a vital turning point. Dee worked with me to  access my skills and assets, and how to reimagine them working together to create the future I imagined. Not only that, Dee regularly generated clever new ideas that worked!  She is practical and original in her thinking, Dee even took me to a trade show and introduced me to many of her colleagues and suppliers. I felt energized and prepared to shape the future of my nursery, in a way that reflects my changing needs, as well as market realities.