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The role of a business consultant is to provide advice and guidance relevant to your business and your current situation and to create strategies to move forward successfully.

What we do...

Are you a new business or an established business with growth issues? Are you contemplating starting a business or just dabbling at a side gig? I have been there and I am there for you! My aim is to work with you side by side moving you confidently along your path, even if it is beyond your comfort zone using the tools of brainstorming, problem solving, and step by step achievable goals. Our focus will be on creating tangible, achievable strategies, including the tools of business planning, marketing, finance, accounting and other business basics as structures to help achieve these goals.

Through assessment, strategic planning and implementation, business owners work smarter, not harder. Clients will find balance, achieve personal goals and make both a profit and a difference. The benefits of these services will include increased sales, new revenue streams, increased visibility and improved productivity. Let’s be partners in creating a broader vision your business.

Strategic Planning

Developing comprehensive strategies that align with your business goals, navigating through market changes and positioning your business for success.

Marketing and Sales Strategies

Crafting and implementing marketing and sales plans to increase visibility, attract new customers, and boost sales.

Financial Management

Offering guidance on financial planning, budgeting, and investment strategies to ensure the financial health and growth of your business.

Operational Efficiency

Analyzing and optimizing business operations to improve productivity, reduce costs, and enhance overall efficiency.

New Product Launches

Assisting with the development and introduction of new products, from conceptualization to market entry.

Problem Solving and Brainstorming

Facilitating creative problem-solving sessions and brainstorming innovative solutions to business challenges.

Goal Setting and Achievement

Helping to set clear, achievable goals and devising step-by-step plans to reach them, pushing your business beyond its comfort zone.

Accounting and Bookkeeping Strategies

Providing expertise in setting up effective accounting systems and bookkeeping practices to manage finances accurately.

Customized Consulting

Offering tailored advice and support based on your specific business needs, challenges, and aspirations, ensuring personalized strategies for growth.

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Small Business Strong is a FREE resource for businesses and is especially valuable during these challenging times. It offers up to 10 hours of FREE consulting with highly trained professionals. It is meant to be a short term, fast pipeline to expert help and is privately funded as a response to COVID.
As a Business Consultant for Small Business Strong, I highly recommend you use this resource for FREE CONSULTING SERVICES. If you want to work with me specifically – Dee Dice - please put my name in on the “Support Needed” question.

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