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Learn more about the  Business Blueprint Program

Blueprint Business Program Overview  - 8 week proven workshop series

 Transforming businesses from the inside out - Entrepreneurial mindset and Business Basics

The Blueprint Business Program is a transformational business program that is comprehensive and designed to help businesses achieve long-term growth and success. It focuses on transforming the business strategies, structures and processes to achieve this goal. 

The program focuses on areas such as leadership development, strategic planning, marketing and sales, and financial management. It provides in-depth training, coaching, and mentoring, as well as access to tools and resources to support the business transformation process.


This is an interactive workshop series in a cohort setting, with participation and clients moving at their own pace and creating their own goals. Assistance will be provided with mentors, and one-to-one coaching during the 8 week series. During the series, specific and individualized goals will be formulated and referrals will be made with local community members for  ongoing support.

Content Creation

Content Creation can be a three part interactive series ( or a two hour consolidated class)
We all know that we need to create content for flyers, social media, email newsletters, blogs and websites to stay competitive. Creating content for these is critical and needs to be succinct and directive towards our target market. There are concepts, strategies and tools to make this easier, repeatable and more effective. Join us to unblock your creativity and make creating content fun and effective.

Start your own business – let’s learn the basics.

Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or interested in creating a side gig, move your ideas into action! In this workshop, you will learn the basics of starting your own business, including:

  • Creating your legal entity
  • Developing your team
  • Finding resources and create action steps to reach your goal
  • Explore how your experience, financial resources and lifestyle needs affect your business options

Marketing Basics and Creating a Plan

This workshop focuses on all the components of a marketing plan including understanding your market, your target clients and the tools needed to be competitive. Once these are identified by each business, participants can start with a basic marketing plan template and begin to develop a timeline and different marketing tactics to reach their goals.

Why Email Newsletters are your Best Friend

A whopping 89% of people look at their email daily. Taught by Dee Dice, a Certified Solutions Provider with Constant Contact, she will help you create a newsletter that your clients will read. We will review the basics, learn how to create good content, analyze a series of newsletters and help you get started on yours.

Advanced Email Newsletters and Trends

Now that you have been creating email newsletters, let’s see how you can improve them, get better engagement and begin to sell your products or services. Dee Dice, a Certified Solutions Provider with Constant Contact, will show you trends and tricks to make them easier and more effective.

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